Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned After these 4 Weather Conditions

September 5, 2023

Cleaning after Weather Conditions


While snow accumulation doesn't pose a direct threat to your panels, it significantly hampers their efficiency. Snow-covered panels can't generate electricity as effectively as those basking in sunlight. Sometimes, panels may naturally shed snow within a few days post-snowfall. However, persistent snow cover, especially under severe cold, calls for professional cleaning to eliminate snow buildup and reboot power generation.

Dust Storm and Windy Conditions

Solar panels are engineered to endure extreme weather, including the high winds and dust storms that don't necessarily damage them. Post-storm, it's crucial to assess your panels' efficiency since airborne debris commonly accompanies such conditions. Should the panels underperform, a professional clean to remove any debris is advisable.

Pollen Season in the Spring

The spring season brings with it a surge of pollen, which can adhere to panel surfaces, attracting more dirt and potentially reducing efficiency. Unlike other debris, pollen can form a sticky layer that's not easily washed away by rain, making professional cleaning crucial to maintaining optimal panel function.

Smoky Conditions from Fires

Wildfires and bushfires drastically reduce rooftop solar output, with ash and dust accumulation leading to up to a 30% loss in production. Smoke density also diminishes atmospheric photons, further degrading panel performance. The environmental exposure of solar panels necessitates a thorough clean to enhance their efficiency in such scenarios.