Solar Panel Health Risk Mitigation

September 5, 2023

Safeguarding Health: Mitigating Solar Panel Risks

While solar panels are a fantastic investment for accessing renewable energy and contributing to environmental protection, there are a few overlooked risks they pose to your health. Recognizing and mitigating these risks ensures you enjoy all the benefits of solar energy without any adverse effects.

Wildlife Waste

A common issue with solar panels is their tendency to attract wildlife, particularly birds like pigeons, which find the space beneath panels ideal for nesting. These nests not only damage the efficiency of your solar array but also lead to accumulation of waste, posing significant health hazards due to the bacteria present in animal droppings, potentially causing illnesses such as psittacosis and salmonella.

Rodents and other small animals might also take refuge under your solar panels, leaving behind waste and possibly damaging the wiring.

The Remedy – Expert Cleaning and Protective Measures:

Addressing the problem of wildlife waste involves two steps: thorough cleaning and preventive action. It's crucial to engage a professional cleaning service, like Clear Sky Solar Cleaning, to safely and effectively clean your solar panels without risking personal injury or damage to the panels.

Following a professional clean, consider installing deterrents or protective barriers specifically designed to prevent animals from nesting under the panels. Professional installation ensures these barriers are placed correctly without interfering with the function of your solar array.

Risk of Electrical Shock

The electrical components of solar panels, including the wiring and connections, pose a risk of shock or electrocution if they become corroded or if the installation is flawed. This risk is particularly prevalent in areas like the combiner box or the panels themselves, where a short circuit could have serious consequences.

The Remedy – Caution and Professional Maintenance:

To mitigate the risk of electrical shock, it’s advisable to limit direct interaction with the solar system's components. Always wear protective gear, such as insulating gloves, when handling any part of the system. Avoid walking on panels or tampering with the system's wiring.

Should you encounter any issues with your solar system, refrain from attempting DIY repairs. Instead, call on the expertise of professional technicians from a reputable solar maintenance company to address and resolve the issue safely.

By understanding these potential risks and taking appropriate preventative measures, you can ensure your solar panels remain a safe and beneficial addition to your home. Clear Sky Solar Cleaning is here to assist with professional cleaning and maintenance advice, helping you protect your investment and health.